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Scarlet Slytherin [entries|friends|calendar]
Ruby Ava Blackthorn

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[16 Dec 2004|10:00pm]
[ mood | happy ]


           Things haven't been too good since the last update. It seem's like there is bad air hung all around us all. It's strange, and even stranger that i, miss narcissist of the year, have noticed it.

            Even the Slytherins are feuding in one way or another, big or small. It really isn't good. I'm with Draco on this. We shouldn't fight, we should stick together, and fight with everyone else in the school. Like it's always been.

             I guess the return of Lord Voldemort has caused the tensions to run high, even though, as Dumbledore constantly reassures those less than loyal to the dark lord, that we, whilst in Hogwarts, are completely safe.

             I've chosen a dress out of one of Mother's French Boutique Catalogue's that she owled me last weekend, it's a lovely ivory and lace affair. Very me. I am going with Erica and our father's to Paris this weekend to collect the dress. I'm not sure if Erica has chosen anything yet. No worries though, we're going to look good no matter what we wear.

            Oh well, better go, i've got lesson soon, break is almost over.

Bye for now.

-Ruby x

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[04 Dec 2004|07:30am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

I can't believe that fourth year bitch! It's not even been 24hours since that bitch got her beating, and already the entire school is aware.

She's even told everyone that she can that she didn't beg to be beaten to a pulp by Erica, when she must of done.

Erica doesn't just kick butt for a fun past-time, she really needs to be riled before she dishes out the punishment, so Dandri must've really pissed her off.

I am going to sort her out at breakfast though, i may not be as strong physically as Erica, but i am the queen of gossip-mongering, haha. That Little french slut won't know what hit her.

Oh well, must be off, breakfast, and a session of verbal threatening awaits me.

-Ruby x

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[20 Nov 2004|09:36pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Well Fern is still being the recluse. I haven't seen him at all since his spat with Erica. Not that i know what happened. God that boy needs to do some growing up, and poor Erica, she doesn't deserve this.

I have a feeling that things won't ever be the same between us Slythe's..everyone is falling apart. I shouldn't let his get me down, but it's so hard. I need to help the others, ie-Fern and Erica to sort out their differences, though being the mediator is so not my thing, but for them, i can be, as they are my best friends. Seriously.

I haven't even had time to think about what i'm wearing to the Yule Ball either. Oh and Draco...in his leather...that's enough to cheer any girl up i think.

Oh well i'm going to turn in now.

G'night everyone.


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[17 Nov 2004|03:48pm]
[ mood | impressed ]

Draco asked me to the Yule Ball.
Hell, he even promised to wear Leather!*dies*
He's know's how crazy i got over him when he wore leather trousers to the Weird Sisters gig we went to last year with the rest of the Slytherin gang, so We both know that him wearing Leather for a whole evening of us being in close proximity will cause serious effects on my mood. *winks*
I just need to choose a dress. *ponders* Perhaps Silk to contrast against his leather....


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Here's one for the lads to fantasize over.. [12 Nov 2004|10:59am]
[ mood | amused ]

Your Erotic LJ dream by cozzette
you went to bed feeling
You began to dream aboutbeauty_of_evil
who waspreforming oral on you
inthier bed
with15 other women
which made youcry
but was interupted byxhailey_drakex
who began toget jealouse
You awokehorny
and you hopethat dreams do come true
chance of that happening:: 46%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

ok boys you can stop drooling at the very thought of the above happening now *pokes tongue out*
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[31 Oct 2004|02:46pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Happy Halloween.


It's fun to use this as an excuse to play tricks on people in the school,especially the Hufflepuffs.


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Bisexual's [14 Oct 2004|07:31pm]
[ mood | content ]

Is it me or is all the world of men declaring their bi-sexuality??

I for one, find it quite sexy, but i feel bad for the girl's who don't like their men wild and experimental!!

Draco is the only one who hasn't turned...

I need to go and get some more work done, but to be honest i can't be bothered.

I found out that Field is joining us at Hogwart's! He is Erica's cousin and man of mystery. I have heard so much about him, it'll be cool to finally meet him in person. I've seen a pic, and boy, he's a looker. Shame of the circumstances though. Heh

Ah well best be going, i need to meet Erica to discuss the plan's for the weekend. We are going to Hogsmeade. Woo-hoo *rolls eyes*


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It worked, i am the best [08 Oct 2004|01:14pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

The potion worked!

I now have amzingly straight hairCollapse )

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Hair Potion [07 Oct 2004|10:13am]

So i was working on a potion to make..now don't laugh, my somewhat unruly curl's less Granger-like, and after much searching, and some final pointer's from Snape, i have concocted a potion that will keep my hair straight for an entire month. So i'm going to take it after dinner and see what happen's.

-Ruby x

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Hmmf [06 Oct 2004|08:53am]

So i just took a look in the uhhh what are they called, ah community myself and a few other student's joined to find that they don't think we should be there as it isn't a RPG (some sort of Muggle invention i am thinking *confused face*) and what's more they called, haha, Harry a Squib!! As much as i detest him, i am perfectly sure that he is not a squib!

They seem to want us out, so i guess that is the end of our "online" fun...*sighs* now we'll have to make do with passing eachother notes during Transfiguration or something.

Unless there is somewhere where we would be safe from all these freaky muggles?

Ah well got to dash i have potions in five.


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Back to the grindstone [05 Oct 2004|05:01pm]


Well since daddy insisted on me having this laptop to follow all the other slytherin's *rolls eyes* i guess i should make use of it.

Myself and some other fellow Slytherin's aswell as some member's of the other,lower houses have got one of these journal type things, so it seem's to be a good idea.

I like writing in here...but right now, i need to go and speak to Snape about a certain potion i am wishing to brew should he give me advice..

Ok well i might write again later, if not, you'll just have to go without dear old me


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